About SuperCare

SuperCare’s expertise is to facilitate the Early Release of Superannuation Application process (via the Australian Taxation Office) in order to pay for a range of medical procedures, including IVF.

SuperCare is an Australian Company which was established to assist people with their Applications to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for approval for Early Release of Super, a Government Initiative that has been active for several years.

The servicing of IVF Clients is SuperCare’s primary specialist capability and, whilst SuperCare has helped countless Australians apply for the Early Release of their Superannuation to pay IVF expenses, but many are still not aware of this payment option. Whether patients are just starting, or have been trying to conceive for a while, the journey ahead should be as stress-free and relaxed as possible!

Supercare is the only company offering this service and provides clients with support, education and personalised guidance to ensure that each and every application to the ATO is streamlined, stress-free and time efficient.

How Does SuperCare Work?

  1. SuperCare helps with the entire application process to the ATO
  2. Experienced and caring Consultants provide support and guidance
  3. SuperCare will liaise with the ATO and Professional Services Providers

SuperCare will remove the worry and complexity involved in making an application to the Australian Taxation Office, replacing it with a stress-free, streamlined process for each and every applicant.

To make an enquiry, or to contact a SuperCare Consultant, simply click on the SuperCare banner below.



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