Selecting Overseas Sperm Donors

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article today about an interstate clinic using Donor Gametes South Africa for overseas donors and how that affected some of their patients (see the link below).
Dr Neerja Kamal, the Flinders Fertility Clinical Director, explains why Flinders Fertility uses the Seattle Sperm Bank in the USA to source overseas donors.

Flinders Fertility has been specialising in treating patients with donor sperm for many years. Due to the shortage of sperm donors in Australia, Flinders Fertility offers patients access to overseas sperm donors via the Seattle Sperm Bank, as well as local donors who are recruited here in South Australia by Flinders Fertility.

The Seattle Sperm Bank provides Flinders Fertility with a donor guarantee that each sample will contain at least 10 million motile sperm per vial (1ml) and our embryologists check samples for suitability prior to use.

The Seattle Sperm Bank also conducts Advanced Genetic Testing of Donors, Donor Counselling, and Donor Background Checks ( including fingerprint scans ). They comply with Family Limits in accordance with Australian Legislation and maintain a Donor Sibling Registry, which is why Flinders Fertility prefers to use the Seattle Sperm Bank for overseas sperm donors.

Dr Neerja Kamal
Clinical Director

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